[VISUAL FOUNDRY] goes above and beyond to help our clients achieve their creative vision. Each of the following projects presented a unique challenge for which Visual Foundry was pleased to help to find the solution.


We think that this is probably the first time that this has EVER happened: the perfect talent shot soft/unfocussed/blurry/fuzzy!

The client was adamant that this was 'the shot' and rightly so as it was a costly shoot.


After building out the background plate to included some additional foreground we added some atmosphere to enhance this dreamy seascape.


From a similar [focussed] image, we reposed the talent like we were directing him on the day.

Ok, young man... Straighten up and shoulders back. That's good, now lift your arms and the shell a bit higher. Good. Now have your right hand pointing in the same direction as your left hand. No, your other right hand. Perfect!

That's a wrap.

It was admittedly different from the original select... It was better and the client was stoked/wrapped/elated/delighted and all that before they saw the final image.


Place and ground the talent, add some light wrapping around his edges to tie him in the scene. Lessen the depth-of-field to make him pop and add a grade to fit the brief and...