[VISUAL FOUNDRY] goes above and beyond to help our clients achieve their creative vision. Each of the following projects presented a unique challenge for which Visual Foundry was pleased to help to find the solution.


We were approached by Inika, Australia’s favourite natural makeup brand who wanted to get a head start on the marketing of their new product range that was currently being manufactured.

This approach would have required shooting the existing range and retouch them to reflect the new containers and this would be costly given the number of products.


When we learned that there were schematics for the new containers we couldn’t help but blurt out CGI, cGi, Cgiii like that was our tick.

It did take a little convincing [like a minute] after showing some of our previous work and outlined the cost savings and convenience benefits.

BTW & FYI, schematics are helpful but not necessary.


We worked closely with the head designer to ensure that all of the product materials and their colours were represented correctly.


All of the product imagery that we produced looks equally fabulous in their online store and in printed marketing material. They have been used as intended to create group shots for gift packs.


Below is a list of what we promised [and delivered] to get this project across the line:

* Accurate representation of product materials including specialised printing processes.
* Perfect alpha channels that include transparency where required.
* Realistic grounding shadows on a layer.
* Matt, gloss and metalic variations of product contents on layers.
* Adjustment Layers for product colour variations.
* All products "shot" from the same camera angle and perspective so they can be grouped for different product packs.