Broad visual knowledge with retouching experience covering complex creative compositions, expert grading, CGI elements and more.

Richard’s understanding of the process from start to finish enables him to give insight on the right approach to keep the job on-time and on-budget. We appreciate our clients contacting us early in the process as Richard's input has proven to be invaluable to reducing costs and ensuring an outstanding result.


"Our best retouching work goes unnoticed, and I'm more than okay with that... I love it!"

"I live and breath this stuff to the point where on occasion we find ourselves mid-conversation mentally retouching someone's face. But don't worry, we are still listening."
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"I knew early on that computer-generated 3D elements would be an essential tool for the creative retoucher and I have been working over the years to refine my skills in this domain."

"It’s important to give the client options when budgets are constrained or when the creative vision is challenging to achieve."
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Still images edited with moving CGI or photographic elements to produce a cinemagraph, APNG or animated GIF is an excellent value-added path to online content.

With the right planning, we can produce online content during the post-production process to provide a package covering multiple media destinations.
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